What I Bring to In Home Marietta Newborn Photo Sessions

Marietta newborn photo sessions are the bread and butter of my photography business. The majority of my newborn sessions are hosted in my studio on Whitlock in Marietta. Here I am able to house my complimentary client wardrobe, props, swaddles, products, and more. However sometimes clients have specially prepared a nursery and prefer to have their newborn portraits taken in their home. I’m happy to accommodate this preference for my clients. When I travel to your home for newborn photos, I select a few things to pack up for the session. Today I’m sharing the items I pack and bring along to in home Marietta newborn photo sessions!

Portraits of a young couple with their toddler daughter and newborn.

Professional Equipment for a Marietta Newborn Photo Session

Of course my equipment is at the top of this list! I’ve carefully curated my professional equipment to produce the highest quality results. My camera body is a Sony A7iii that is amazing and reliable. Along with that comes my best lenses and Sandisk memory cards to store all the images.

In addition to this gear, I also bring a long a flash and trigger with a small umbrella. The quality of light in every home is different, and part of my job is to assess that light before I being a session. Sometimes homes will have enough natural light streaming through the windows for portraits, but this isn’t always the case! If your nursery doesn’t get enough natural light, I can use my flash to fill in the gaps and provide the beautiful bright and airy portraits I’m known for.

Newborn portraits by Lindsey Powell Photography.

Wraps and Moses Basket

While my style is minimalistic to focus on your family, I always have a few important props I bring along. I provide some newborn wraps to swaddle your sweet one for portraits. My favorite swaddles are from One Sheep Two Sheep and work beautifully for sessions.

The other prop I bring for newborn sessions is a Moses basket. This gives us another option for posing your baby for individual portraits as well as family shots.

A mother poses with her toddler daughter and newborn baby in a moses basket during a Marietta newborn photography session.

The Extras To Go Above and Beyond

The one thing that sets my photography experience apart from all the rest is that I always go the extra mile. I believe that my sweet clients deserve to be well cared for and pampered every step of the way. For this reason I always come ready with sample photos saved to my phone. This way I can show clients sample work to see what images resonate with them the most. I try to cater every portrait to their taste so I know I’m capturing photos they will love.

Another way I provide that little extra service is in how I help moms get ready for the session. I arrange for my hair and makeup team to arrive before the session to get mom all glammed up. Moms can choose to borrow a dress from my complimentary wardrobe or I can assist in their selecting their own dress. I arrive with the dress steamed and ready and always have dress clips on hand to ensure the most flattering fit.

In home Marietta newborn photo session.

Are You Interested in Reserving an In Home Marietta Newborn Photo Session?

I offer in home newborn photo sessions as well as studio sessions in my Marietta based studio. If you are interested in learning more about Marietta newborn photo sessions, click here to contact me. To see more of my latest work, be sure to follow along on Instagram!