3 Reasons To Order Custom Framing With Your Atlanta Photographer

The most important part of any photography session is what you do with your images AFTER the session. One of the most popular options I offer is custom framing. By professionally framing and displaying your images in your home, you get to enjoy them everyday. Your children get to see happy memories of themselves as a part of the family unit. It even elevates your home’s interior design. However the world of custom framing can be very complex! That’s why I’ve done all the work to help clients navigate this process with ease. In today’s post I’m covering three reasons you should opt for custom framing with me.

1- Statement Frames

Do you have that one amazing timeless image from a session you want to commemorate? A statement frame is the perfect option. Statement frames are typically a single piece that takes up a prominent display in your home. Statement frames are very popular amongst my heirloom portrait clients. It’s especially important to have professional printing and framing for these images to preserve the white vignette. These portraits are the type that are meant to stay on the wall for generations. That’s why my custom framing is of archival quality, guaranteeing a lasting piece of artwork. I help clients select the perfect frame to compliment both the portrait and your home’s aesthetic.

Framing mockups for heirloom portraits.

Custom gallery walls are wonderful option for family and newborn sessions. Designing a gallery wall alone can be quite overwhelming. Thanks to my design software, we can design a gallery of frames for the exact wall in your home. I utilize pictures of your actual walls to design. Together we can build a gallery wall that fits your space and incorporates your favorite images.

Another perk is that we can build the gallery wall as we go. A great example of this is for families who book a membership of their baby’s whole first year. We can begin your gallery wall with newborn portraits, and then add frames after each session. Once completed, you will have an incredible gallery wall spanning your baby’s entire first year! We can hang the frames as we go, so you will be able to enjoy it the entire time.

A photographer shows how she offers custom framing design services.

3- Photography Sessions that Cater to Your Framing Needs

Anther perk of ordering custom framing directly from your photographer is the option to plan your session around the frames. Before we have your session, we can view any walls where you want a gallery and discuss the types of images you want to hang. Then we can cater your entire session to these needs! We can select wardrobe and a location that will complement the colors of your home, and I can specifically shoot your session to perfectly fill those frames. This is the ultimate level of concierge service that combines photographing your family’s memories and filling your home with them.

Ready to Plan Custom Framing for Your Home?

Atlanta framing photographer

Do you have a wall you want to fill with custom framing? I would love to help you plan out the perfect gallery wall. From a statement piece through gallery walls, I love assisting clients in getting their portraits on the wall. If you have past images you never took the time to frame, I can help you accomplish that with my custom framing design software. To inquire about custom framing or a photography session, click here to contact me. To see all the latest be sure to follow along on Instagram.