4 Reasons to Book a Full Atlanta Family Photography Experience this Spring

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between seasonal mini sessions and the full Atlanta family photography experience is? This post is for you! While minis are a quick and easy way to get a few update portraits, my full family sessions have so many luxuries and perks wrapped up in the experience. Today I’m sharing some reasons why a full family photography experience may be just what you need this spring!

1- Scheduling Freedom

When seasonal minis are offered, there are on a single date of our studio’s choosing. If you book a full family photography experience, you get to select the date and time that works best for you and your family. This can be a great relief for families who are juggling school, sports, and work schedules!

Touching family portraits showcasing the love of a young family.

2- Wardrobe Help

I may photograph a lot of children and babies, but the heart behind all that I do is to serve moms! To help you document your precious children, and to make you feel beautiful in portraits with them! I offer a variety of dresses that have been carefully selected to be the most flattering for women in portraits. Before your session, you can come by the studio to select the perfect dress for you. We will also coordinate the whole family!

As an added bonus, hair and makeup is done for moms at my studio. From the wardrobe to the finishing touches, you will feel like a princess on your session day! After all that you so for your family, you deserve it!

Atlanta family photography session at Winn Park.

3- Location of Choice

While minis are held and specifically selected locations, you have the freedom of choice during a full Atlanta family photography session. Together we will discuss your goals and vision for the session. I will share my expertise in the best locations to fit your aesthetic. This way we can select the location that is convenient for your family with the perfect look.

Family photos at Winn Park by an Atlanta Family Photographer.

4- More Time to Create Magic

In a full family session we have the gift of time. Minis are always very abbreviated, most often only 15 minutes. This can end up feeling rushed for some families. While I can get some great images in that time, we aren’t able to get as big of a variety. Full family sessions are relaxed and we have time to coax out the personalities of your family members in a gentle and playful way. This leads to more time to get those shots that truly show who your family is and results in the most magical imagery. This is so key for families who have particularly shy children!

Portraits of a family with two young son at Winn Park in Atlanta.

Bonus: Shooting with the Purpose of Wall Art

When planning a full Atlanta family photography session, we will meet together too plan your session. If you have a special wall or spot in your home where you hope to hang frames or a gallery wall, you can share this with me. We can assess the space and room, and then create a whole session that will produce the most amazing images and artwork specifically for your space! This will leave you with a breathtaking gallery wall of frames that is a custom fit for your home. When galleries are planned from the beginning like this, they are truly showstoppers.

Atlanta family photography session by Lindsey Powell at Winn Park.

Are You Interested in Reserving a Full Atlanta Family Photography Experience?

If these perks of the full Atlanta family photography experience sound perfect for you, I would love to speak with you about planning a session! You can inquire about a session by clicking here. In the meantime, feel free to browse my latest sessions and see behind the scenes sneak peeks on my stories on Instagram.