The Best 3 Ways to Prepare for Your Atlanta Studio Newborn Session

Well I have to admit, this was sort of a tricky post title. Because when you book your Atlanta Studio newborn session with me, there really isn’t a whole lot you need to prepare! I know new moms are exhausted and deserve to be pampered while they enjoy their new baby. That’s why I take care of everything for your session!

Detail shots of a baby's eyelashes, feet, and profile at an Atlanta newborn photography studio.

Wardrobe for Your Atlanta Studio Newborn Session

I offer a variety of wardrobe options for new moms in my studio. These dresses have been specially curated to compliment your changing body after delivery. Most dresses will be more fitted around your chest and then flow softly to the floor. I’ve found this to be the most comfortable and flattering look for moms after delivery. The best part is there is no need for you to search for and purchase a dress that may not fit for long due to your changing body. Instead, you can enjoy the many options I have ready for you. I even take care of the laundry and steaming to make sure everything is perfect.

Portraits of parents with their son and newborn daughter in an Atlanta newborn photography studio.

Hair & Makeup

For most moms, your newborn session will be one of the firs times getting fully dressed after delivery. I take the stress away by providing hair and makeup through my trusted artist right in the studio. You can arrive showered and in your pajamas and we will take care of the rest! My trusted makeup artist will carefully listen to your preferences and desired hairstyle. She works with clients to make each mom look feel like herself, but just a more polished version for your portraits. This service is a fan favorite for new moms! You can see what to expect for wardrobe plus hair and makeup looks by browsing my portfolio.

Portraits of parents with their son and newborn daughter in an Atlanta newborn photography studio.

Preparing Your Newborn for the Session

I have wraps, headbands, and swaddles available in the studio for newborns. Everything is sanitized, cleaned, and prepped for your session. The schedule of a newborn is always a bit unpredictable, but you never have to stress about if your baby will cry! Moms can plan to feed their baby before they arrive and I can take individual portraits of your newborn while your hair and makeup is being done.

Every session is catered to the needs of your baby, so we will watch for his or her cues throughout the session to make sure they stay full and comfortable. With years of experience in working with newborns, I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve for keeping babies content!

The studio is also welcoming for older siblings. I provide a safe and comfortable area for kids of all ages. Having a studio that specifically caters to newborns and children is key to having the best experience!

Portraits of parents with their son and newborn daughter in by an Atlanta studio newborn photographer.

Ready to Reserve Your Atlanta Studio Newborn Photos?

Do you love the idea of a stress free newborn photography session in the studio? I would love to document this special time for you! I provide photography services that include everything from maternity through milestones. While some moms choose only a newborn session, most opt for a membership. A membership allows families to get portraits that include maternity, newborn, sitter, and the first birthday! This is the ultimate way to document your precious little one’s entire first year of life. Membership clients enjoy special discounts and priority booking! To inquire about a session, click here. To see behind the scenes and all my latest work, be sure to follow along on Instagram!

Portraits of parents with their son and newborn daughter taken by an Atlanta newborn photographer.