4 Tips for a Successful Atlanta Santa Photo Session

Santa is FINALLY coming to town for your Atlanta Santa photo session!! We all dream of these pictures of our kids and Santa each year and we want it to be as magical (and stress free) as possible. But let’s be honest… kids are on their own schedule. Some are scared and some are beyond excited! While I can’t guarantee a happy smiling toddler, I have a few tips to help your morning and our time together be as successful as possible! 

Atlanta Santa photo session of Santa holding a one year old in plaid pajamas.

1. Let It Go…

Expectations I mean! I know, I get it. We all have the perfect moment in mind, but I have found that kids feed off our energy. If we are relaxed and excited for the experience they will be too. If we are stressed and angry they will feed off that. We are making the most of these moments together and some years kids are thrilled and others there will be tears. But the memory and laughing through it is what will matter! If you are excited and smiling, your kids will be more likely to as well.

2. Talk, Talk, Talk!

Tell your child in advance what to expect, even if they are only 1 year old.  Kids understand more than we can even imagine.  Start telling them about visiting Santa.  About why we do it.  About meeting me and talking to Santa. The more we share with them, the more aware they will be, which can help with any potential meltdowns. 

3. Bring Something to Show Santa

A special toy (stuffed animal, Christmas book), your Christmas list or a small gift for Santa is a great distraction! When we give them something to do (ie-you get to give/show this to Santa!) it breaks down the walls and gives them something fun to focus on. It becomes less about the pressure of pictures and more about showing/telling Santa something! Kids love a good job.

4. Skip the Sweats

Sometimes children need a helping hand when they go to greet Santa for their Atlanta photo session. I’ll never forget our second Santa visit when I came straight from the gym and of course ended up in the pictures with my daughter. OOPS! If your child is unsettled we will throw mom or dad if for a family picture and let Santa sneak in the back. In this case, you may need to be photographed and one way to guarantee you will be happy with your final photos is to arrive photo-ready yourself. Just in case..!!

A family of 5 poses with Santa during an Atlanta Santa photo session.

Interested in Booking a 2023 Atlanta Santa photo session?

I still have a few spots left for your Atlanta Santa photo session! If you are interested in scheduling a session, click here to schedule! Need more details about the session, check out my Santa session page.

Two young boys wearing green sit in Santa's lap in a white studio with a bench and flocked Christmas tree.