Marietta Heirloom Photography

Heirloom portraits are a long standing southern tradition. These white vignetted portraits freeze a moment in childhood and are a formal way to capture a sweet moment in childhood. During a Marietta heirloom photography session, we work to get true and genuine expressions from your child. The goal is to draw out their true personality and expression and no fake or cheesy smiles.

Black and white heirloom photo of a young girl smiling down.

What to Look for in an Heirloom Photographer

With the rise in the popularity of heirloom photography, it’s important to carefully look for a few key traits when selecting your photographer. First is to make sure they have a consistent portfolio. Heirloom portraits should be taken with great attention to the lighting and backdrops. Look for a consistent portfolio with great lighting to highlight the facial features. You also want to make sure the backgrounds and white vignettes are consistent! This way you can trust that if you have additional children, the portraits can be replicated to have a matching set in the future.

A color and black and white version of a Marietta heirloom portrait of a young girl smirking without showing her teeth.

Marietta Heirloom Portrait Framing

The goal of heirloom portraits is to have a piece of artwork framed for your home. I offer clients custom framing for all heirloom portraits. In addition I can show clients exactly what frames will look like on their walls using a special design software. There are many options ranging from individual framed portraits too composite images showcase different looks.

Image of a framed heirloom portrait of young girl from her Marietta heirloom photography session.
Image of a framed composite of Marietta heirloom photography.

Interested in Scheduling a Marietta Heirloom Photography Session?

To learn more about my heirloom portrait sessions, visit the heirloom portrait page. If you are ready to schedule your Marietta heirloom photography session, click here to inquire.