What to Expect During an Atlanta Cake Smash Photo Session

An Atlanta cake smash photo session is a fun experience for the whole family. It’s your baby’s very first birthday, and that is a huge reason to celebrate! Before the cake makes its debut, this specialty milestone session begins with traditional portraits of your child. The first birthday is a big milestone, and deserves to be documented properly. We begin with portraits of your little one alone, and also get shots with you! If your baby has older siblings, I recommend including them too.

After we finish this portion of the session, I will have you change your baby into their cake smash outfit. We will place him or her in my studio high chair and get a few shots of this new outfit before we present the cake. Then we introduce the cake and I’ll capture your baby’s reaction to the whole experience! We will wrap up by getting a few final shots of you with your baby while they enjoy digging into the cake.

To inquire about a cake smash session, click here. Keep reading for some special things to consider for your Atlanta Cake Smash session!

Three photo collage of parents with their one year old son posing for portratis.

The Cake

I don’t provide the cake for these Atlanta cake smash photos. I recommend grabbing a cake from publix or I’m happy to recommend some local bakeries. Select a small cake or large cupcake, approximately 4-6 inches around. Whether you are making the cake, or having it made, please consider the following items: 

  1. Please make sure that there are no fondant, gum paste or pearls on the cake as those can be choking hazards for the baby. Small sprinkles are okay.
  2. When ordering the cake, please mention to the baker it is for a Cake Smash session so they do not add any support inside the cake. (Sticks, toothpicks, tubs, etc.) When baby begins to smash the cake, they can get hurt by this. 
  3. Try to keep the colors as simple as possible. I typically recommend white with only a few lightly colored accents if you must have color. 
  4. Remove the cake from the refrigerator 2-3 hours before the session to allow the frosting to come to room temperature. That way the frosting is soft and easy for baby to destroy.
Four images showing portraits of a baby eating a white cake for his Atlanta cake smash photos.

What to Wear for an Atlanta Cake Smash Photo Session

One of the biggest perks of booking a session with me is that I have options for wardrobe for the family! You may also want to include a special birthday outfit such as a party hat or personalized outfit for your little one. Etsy and amazon are great sources for items like this! I advise to sticking with minimal designs that will be classy compliments and not overpowering in color or design. Soft blue or pink hues with white are the best option.

We can begin with a more traditional outfit and then change into the special birthday attire for the cake smash portion of the session. Keep in mind the whatever outfit is chosen for the birthday cake smash portion will most likely get dirty!

Three photo collage of parents and their one year son during an Atlanta Cake Smash Photo Session.

Things to Bring to an Atlanta Cake Smash Photo Session

While my studio is well equipped with most items you will need, there are a few extras you may want to bring along due to the messy nature of a cake smash session! Use this as a check list for what to bring along.

  1. Cake
  2. Any special items of outfit for cake smash
  3.  Change of clothes for parents and baby
  4. Diapers and wipes
  5. Sippy cup with water or milk to help wash down the cake
  6. Familiar snacks (cheerios or puffs) for in case your baby doesn’t like the cake, we can hid them in the back of the cake to make it look like your little one is actually eating cake!
Two photos of a baby boy in a high chair and party hat during an Atlanta cake smash photo session.

Interested in Your Own Cake Smash Session?

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