Why You Should Book a Sitter Session | Atlanta Georgia Photographer

What is a Sitter Session?

As an Atlanta Georgia photographer, I have the honor of photographing many important milestones in the life of a child. Sitter sessions are a celebration of a baby’s newfound ability to sit independently. Unlike the stillness of newborn photography or the energy of the toddler years, sitter sessions beautifully capture the balance between vulnerability and curiosity that defines this age.

Three photos of a baby sitting for portraits.

The Bridge between Newborn and Toddler

Newborn and first year sessions are some of the most popular sessions we offer. However the sitter session is a pivotal time in when your baby really begins to interact with you and others. The little hands reaching out to explore the world, the adorably wobbly balance, and the heartwarming expressions that flit across their faces – all become treasures etched in time. Every glance, every smile, and every discovery is an opportunity to capture their unique personality blossoming.

Two photos of a baby sitting and holding a small blue stuffed bear.

In Between Cuddles and Crawls

The sitter session hits right in between the sleepy cuddles of the newborn stage and the active energy of toddlerhood. That’s the magic of the sitter session! It’s the moment when your baby is learning to sit up and not only take in the world around them, but really interact with it.

Artistic photo of a baby's hand and two feet during a sitter session by Atlanta Georgia photographer Lindsey Powell.

More Than Just Photos by an Atlanta Georgia Photographer

The best part of the sitter session is that you can complete your baby’s story from maternity through their first birthday. As an Atlanta Georgia photographer, most of my clients elect to join my membership which covers all these important milestones. In addition to digital images, we can create an heirloom album that tells your child’s story from bump to birthday, and leaving you with a beautiful baby book through photographs.

A photo of a baby sitting and looking at a stuffed bear and a close up photo of a baby's hand.

Ready to Schedule Your Sitter Session?

We offer sitter sessions as stand alone sessions or as a part of a membership. Sitter sessions don’t have to be booked right at 6 months. Instead, look for signs that your baby is ready to sit independently! To inquire about a sitter session, click here.

The photos of a baby during a milestone sitter session.

Lindsey Powell is an Atlanta Georgia photographer who documents all the important milestones including sitter sessions. To see a look behind the scenes and the most recent happenings, come follow along on Instagram!