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I’m an Atlanta Motherhood photographer. That means I specialize in photographing all the parts of your motherhood journey, including maternity photos, newborn photos, milestones, and the entire family as your children grow and change. But first and foremost, I’m a mother of four myself! I have a deep love for supporting other women on their motherhood journey. Every year I host a special motherhood event to pamper moms and give them a chance to get in the frame with their children! Today I’m sharing some photos from our last motherhood event as well as my favorite podcasts for moms.

Parenting can seem like a massive mountain to climb when you are starting at the bottom. It can seem scary to know exactly what to do, what matters and what will make a lasting impression on their hearts and personalities of these little arrows we have been entrusted. Truth be told this list was only supposed to have 3 of my favorite podcasts, but I got to three and realized I had so many more. Part two coming soon!

Portraits of a young mom holding her toddler.

My 3 Favorite Podcasts for Moms

Now I bring you 3 of my favorite Podcasts. I use to laugh at the idea of sitting down and READING a book when my babies are little. Who has time or energy to read? But listen? I could always listen (and rewind and listen again). I have found so much biblical wisdom and encouragement in each season of motherhood through these 3 podcasts and I wanted to share them with you.

Photos of a young girl with her mother and grandmother.

1. Wire Talk – Birds on a Wire

The host of Wire Talk is Karen Stubbs. This is a weekly podcast designed to encourage and equip moms through the precious, busy, challenging and life-changing journey of motherhood. Wire Talk offers practical, biblical advice on everything from toddler discipline to teenage dating and beyond!

I love Karen’s practical advice and timely topics. She is not afraid to give a solid dose of TRUTH mixed with understanding of what moms really feel at each stage. As an Atlanta Motherhood photographer, I work with moms in every stage of motherhood and know that each stage can bring it’s own joy and difficulties. It is so helpful to know you are not alone in how you are feeling with each season of motherhood!

Portraits of a mother with her two daughters.

2. Raising Boys and Girl with Sissy Goff and David Thomas

Ohh momma, the love I have for Sissy Goff and David Thomas run deep. They are writing and counselors who run Day Star Counseling in Franklin, Tennessee. In each episode they share what they learn from working with real life families every day at Daystar Counseling Ministries. Their goal is to help you care for the kids in your life with a little more understanding, a little more practical help, and a whole lot of hope.

Sissy and David interview guests and experts on all sorts of timely topics for parents (moms and dads!). They use what they see day in and day out from a counseling perspective to guide parents on how to approach social issues, attitudes and everything in between. They couple biblical knowledge with wisdom about how your child’s brain works at each stage of life to give a fresh perspective on parenting!

Two photos of a mother in a dress holding her young daughter for a portrait.

 3. The Girl Mom Podcast

Girl mommas (I have 3!) this one is for you. Ever wonder how on earth we are supposed to make it to the other side of these 18 years with the expectations our girls are living in? Kari Kampakis is a God send and full of so much practical wisdom!!

The world girls are growing up in today is causing them to face high levels of anxiety, depression, and loneliness. They are struggling to see who they are in a generation that measures self-worth against Instagram. The pressures are at an all time high.

Kari Kampakis is the host of The Girl Mom podcast. She is an author and mother to 4. She addresses the issues our daughters are dealing with today and equips mothers to empower their daughters and have strong mother-daughter relationships.

Photos of a mother and daughter by Atlanta Motherhood photographer Lindsey Powell.

BONUS! She Reads Truth

BONUS… Moms, can we be transparent for a moment? If we are not filling our own lives and hearts with truth, we will have nothing in our cup to give to our children. My favorite podcast for myself is She Reads Truth. She Reads Truth makes it easy to read the Bible every day. All you have to do is show up as you are, read with us, and then come back again tomorrow. Every week they walk us through their at home guides to bible study. I have found so much in listening and following along and I hope you do too!

Photos of a mother with her twin toddlers.

Lindsey Powell is an Atlanta Motherhood Photographer who specializes in photographing your motherhood journey from maternity and beyond. Click here to contact Lindsey about a session.