What to Wear for Atlanta Heirloom Photos

Atlanta Heirloom Photos

Formal Atlanta Heirloom photos for children with a white vignette have been a long standing Southern tradition. These heirloom photos are created with the purposes of being framed and proudly displayed in your homes for every generation. It’s all about creating photos that will make you smile every time you pass them on the wall.

When it comes to outfit selection, I’ve learned that simple elegance is the key. Choosing outfits that stand the test of time can enhance the classic feel of these portraits. And that white vignette? It’s like a subtle hug drawing your eyes right to the subject. The focus of these portraits is on your child’s facial features, and the outfit they wear in the photos should continue to draw focus to the face and not distract from it. There are a few key things to look for when selecting your child’s outfit for Atlanta heirloom photos.

Heirloom Photo Outfits Should be Mostly White

When it comes to choosing the perfect outfit for these classic children’s portraits, you want to select something that is mostly white. The vignette and background are white, so a mostly white top will continue to draw the attention to your child’s face. Think of it as a black canvas ready to show their personality.

Soft hues like pale blue or pink can be present in details of the outfit. Remember, less is more! Let the purity of white do its thing, while subtle accents of other shades play a supporting role.

Atlanta heirloom photos of children with a white vignette.

The Collar is an Important Feature

Think of heirloom photos as a professional headshot for childhood. The nature of these classic vignetted portraits means that only the collar, chest, and top of the sleeves will be visible in the final image. Every part of the photo should draw your eye to your child’s face. A collar is another feature that can do just that!

For older boys, button down white collared shirts are a great option. Young boys can select a top with a peter pan collar. When selecting a dress for girls, look for either a peter pan collar or a smocked top. The smocked top mimicks the effect of the collar by drawing the eye up to the face of your child. We advise selecting an outfit that does not have words embroidered in the smocked top.

Black and white Atlanta heirloom photos of children with a white vignette.

Heirloom Photos Look Best with Sleeves

The white vignette typically hits above the elbow, so the top of your child’s shoulders will be visible. For this reason it is best to select an outfit that has sleeves. Short sleeves or long sleeves work well. The majority of classic boy’s tops already have sleeves. When selecting a dress for your daughter, keep in mind that you want sleeves.

Black and white Atlanta heirloom photos of children with a white vignette.

Go Timeless Over Trendy

Atlanta heirloom photos are a part of a long standing Southern tradition. The heart behind these photos is to capture a timeless memory of childhood to be enjoyed by generations. These photos should be the ones that your grandchildren see of their parents when they visit your home. They can marvel over how little their parents once were and see similar features to themselves! The purpose of these photos is to have a beautiful framed portrait that is a mainstay on the walls in your home. This is why you should never select a trendy outfit!

While many styles have come and gone, the southern traditional children’s clothing has not changed much through the years. In fact, many families have outfits that have been passed down from generations before them. Stick with an outfit like this! When you invest in a classic option for your children’s heirloom photos, keep in mind that you can save these outfits to pass down for your grandchildren. If you are looking for a local shop, we highly recommend The Little Hen. Tell them you are selecting an outfit for heirloom photos with Lindsey Powell Photography, and they can help guide you to the perfect option!

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