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Marietta Newborn | Welcome Reese

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Today is sweet Reeses due date, which seems like the perfect day to share a look into our newborn session from earlier this month! Reese made his arrival 4 weeks early and after a quick stay in the NICU he got to join his parents and two pups at home. He had quite the welcoming committee! He looks very happy to be here, doesn't he?

"Lizzard!" These poor pups probably thought I had lost my mind, but they sure do love Lizards and it was so funny to watch them perk up every time I said it! I just adore watching the way a baby snuggles into mom and dads arms.

It's my job to document, not only the physical appearance of family members at that moment in time, but more importantly, the range of emotions that they have with the arrival of their new baby! However, openly showing emotions for a camera takes trust, willingness, and time. As an experienced newborn photographer, I have a few tricks to make the whole experience a wonderful and memorable one! Most of all, my goal is to make them laugh and encourage, encourage, encourage.

Sharing some laughs and letting them know that it is ok if they don't feel like super models, helps set the tone - relax, be present, and enjoy. Even if parents find themselves being super critical now, I promise them will love these photos 15 years they will love these photos so much! Just think about how nostalgic you get when you look back at photos from your youth or your parents youth.

We spend some time talking about delivery and what a rockstar their wives are. Mommas are truly amazing and watching dad recall that special day is so fun! I encourage parents to engage with their child and family. Often times the first thing parents do when I go to take a photo is sit straight up, look at me, and give me a cheek-burning smile! While this is nice for a few photos, my priority is to capture the connections within families. Lifestyle photography is about capturing the interactions of families, which requires simple engagement.

I love lifestyle sessions, because using your home as a backdrop makes every session unique and special. Welcoming an infant into a family is very special and worth documenting. I will do everything I can to make everyone in the family feel and look their best!