Framing for Atlanta Heirloom Portraits

The white vignetted heirloom portraits are a long standing southern tradition. However, in this digital world, the most important step often gets overlooked! Framing for Atlanta heirloom portraits is the most important part of the portrait process. These timeless children’s portraits are meant to hang out the walls of your homes for generation. They are formal photos that deserve a spot to be on display. These photos are not meant to live on your phone or computer! You can learn more about my heirloom portrait experience here.

Planning for Frames During an Heirloom Sitting

This beautiful family visited the studio for an heirloom portrait sitting for both of their children. During the sitting we took time get individual portraits of each child as well as a sibling portrait. This combination sets us up for several different layouts for framing! Together we can use these images to plan for the best result for your exact walls in your home.

Atlanta heirloom portraits in black and white and color.

Framing for Atlanta Heirloom Portraits

The frame families select for heirloom portraits will depend greatly on the space in their home. With my software, I can provide mockups for different framing options so you can see the scale in your own space. This final step of professional framing is the most important part of the process! The final display is key to having an incredible piece of artwork in your home. Below are some of my favorite options for hanging the portraits from this heirloom session.

A photo of three frames hanging on the wall too show what Atlanta heirloom portraits will look like framed in a group.
A large frame featuring a portrait of a young brother and sister duo.
A three frame groups hanging on the wall.
Two framed Atlanta heirloom portraits hanging on the wall.

Ready to Book Your Sitting?

Contact me here to inquire about an heirloom sitting! We will photograph your child and together select the best way to showcase the artwork in your home with my professional framing services.