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Double the newborns, double the fun! I always get so excited when the chance to photograph twins arises. What a blessing to have not one but two little bundles of joy! I personally have seen a huge uprise in twins the last two years! I have been able to photograph multiple sets of twins in my Atlanta Newborn Photography studio. Over the years, I have adopted a special process to account for the needs of two newborns. So if you are curious as to how a twin newborn session compares to a single newborn session, keep reading.

Here are the details for a Twin Newborn Session:

Pricing – You should never have to pay more for two little miracles. Twin sessions are priced at the same rate as a single newborn session. Knowing we will be working with two babies, I allow a little more time for twin sessions. This accounts for the feeding and cuddling of two babies, but your rate stays the same.

Packages – Twin newborn parents pick from the same 3 packages. Your twin newborn sessions include a variety of images for your collection. Single newborn sessions include photos of your baby alone as well as parent and sibling pictures. While twin newborn sessions include the following additional combinations:

·      Babies alone

·      Babies alone with each parent

·      Babies together with each parent

·      Babies with siblings together

·      Whole family portrait(s)

·      Babies together

My Process – It’s all about taking turns. For this session, we brought in one of my talented hair and makeup artists, Mae Rooks Beauty. She was able to glam up mom up while dad and I took both babies for pictures. When both babies are sleeping, I photograph them together. When one needs to eat, I work with the one who is still sleeping (or at least content and awake). Once baby A finishes eating, we switch and feed baby B while I do baby A’s individual shots. We aim to go with the flow, working on babies while mom is getting ready. That way, when she finishes, we can focus on family and parent images.

Newborn Twins Marietta Studio Atlanta Photographer
Newborn Twins Marietta Studio Atlanta Photographer
Baby Photography in Marietta Georgia at Studio Whitlock by Lindsey Powell Photography
Mom and Newborn Twins
Twins Marietta Photography Newborn
Baby Photography Atlanta
Baby Photography in Marietta
Twin Photography in Marietta Georgia
Twin Photography in Marietta Georgia at Studio Whitlock by Lindsey Powell Photography
Baby Photography in Marietta Georgia at Studio Whitlock by Lindsey Powell Photography

Are you expecting twins?

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